28 August 2020
Grants for young people in Brixworth and Scaldwell


Grants for young people in Brixworth and Scaldwell

Are you a young person, under 25 years of age, that wants a cash grant for educational purposes?

The Foundation of Thomas Roe provides small cash grants for young people who live in the parishes of Brixworth or Scaldwell.

Grants have previously been provided to support young people with: purchase of school uniform; books and course materials; musical instruments; computer equipment; and travel expenses linked to education, including school trips.

Application forms can be downloaded from Brixworth and Scaldwell Parish Council web sites or from the Clerk at thomasroefoundation@gmail.com

Completed application forms must be returned to the Clerk, preferably by email and in Word format, by midnight on 23 September 2020 for consideration at the charity’s next meeting. This meeting is scheduled for 7 October, where grant applications will be considered.



CHARITY NO. 309801

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